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“1918 - The Worst Natural Disaster In Human History.”

Major Edward Noble is a new type of physician in America; a doctor of Internal Medicine, and a subspecialist in Infectious Disease. His primary mission is to help protect American troops from infectious ailments during the First World War. However, Dr. Noble’s unique vantage point in Boston allows him to detect an emerging influenza strain that is an unprecedented global threat. The U.S. Army Internist desperately attempts to warn and prepare the country for the approaching horror. Influenza’s effect on the world, the nation, and Dr. Noble’s own family unfolds, as medical science seeks ways to somehow stop it. Eventually, the 1918 influenza pandemic killed up to 100 million people, and became the worst natural disaster in human history. The novel “1918” is rigorously researched and accurate historical fiction, told through the eyes of a physician.

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"...(Dr.) Noble is an appealing, knowledgeable focal point in this fictionalized rendering of the great pandemic. ...Affecting characters and dramatic storytelling..." Kirkus Reviews

First Place Winner, Literary Fiction. Independent Publishers of New England Book Awards IPNE.org

“5 Stars.” “I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone… A great story that weaves the reader between a macro view of one of the most deadly pandemics in history, yet within the chapters there are precious, personal moments that humanize the hero that Dr. Noble unwittingly, yet humbly portrays to the rest of the world. A great read on all levels!” Saskia Andriulli, bookideas.com

Award Winner, Historical Fiction, Readers’ Favorite International Book Award – “5 Stars.”
“…1918 is a must read…” The meticulous narrative undeniably has the ability to transport readers back to the era…” ReadersFavorite.com

About The Author

David Cornish, MD, FACP, AGAF, is a gastroenterologist with the nation’s largest medical group, The Permanente Medical Group. His other books include Evidence in Service: An Evidence-Based Literature Review of Service and Satisfaction in Health Care, and Essential 20: Twenty Components of an Excellent Health Care Team.

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